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Residence permit

A residence permit is one of the main grounds for a foreigner for his/her entry into Georgia and legal stay here. A residence permit can be issued to a foreigner with the right to temporary or permanent residence in Georgia. In addition to the above, there is tax residency in Georgia, which is only in relation to taxes.

Many foreigners want to work and/or get tax Georgian residency. We have good tax rates and benefits especially for individuals, such as 1% tax rate for small entrepreneurs (read more about this tax regime here). Also exemption from taxes on Bitcoin mining and trading, for which you need to become a Georgian tax resident. Georgian tax residence permit in Georgia is in great demand from remote workers and digital nomads. It is possible to get Georgian tax residence earlier with the special “High Net Wealth Individual Program”.

Getting a Georgian residence permit has its own procedures, which our experienced experts will help you with. Many foreigners who contact us think that registering a business in Georgia automatically means getting a temporary residence permit. This is not true. Of course, it is one of the first steps but, it’s necessary to earn more than the established threshold amount of income. Moreover, to pay the appropriate taxes and prepare other necessary documents. Furthermore, In order to obtain the right of residence, it is not enough to prepare and submit the necessary documents to the agency. Georgian government takes into account many factors when issuing it, which are certainly not known. We provide assistance in the preparation of relevant documents and submission of the application. Also, we prepare appeals on the decisions made in court in case of an unfavorable response from the agency.

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