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Legal support

Legal Support

Regulation of business risks is an important task. Our legal support team is perfect not just at foreseeing the possible negative consequences, but at preventing them as well. Whether it is getting into a contract or performing registry actions, we do it considering all the possible undesirable situations.

Due to the rapid global development and the conditions when one of the declared goals of the country is to join the European Union, the regulations in Georgia are changing very quickly and it is getting closer and closer to European legislation. Recently, the entrepreneurial and tax code has been fundamentally changed in Georgia. Accordingly, one of the main critical challenges for business in Georgia has become having strong legal support. We are constantly monitoring the legislative news and changes in order to provide qualified and professional legal advisory services in Georgia.

Our professional team of lawyers is able to solve any legal matter you would have to face and deliver legal solutions based on your particular needs. Moreover, We provide legal support at every stage of a dispute, from negotiation and mediation to arbitration and litigation. Furthermore, We represent your interests with the Government and other regulatory authorities, environmental affairs, associations, industry committees, and courts of all instances. Finally, our legal support team will do its best to secure your business interests in Georgia.

Legal services we offer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Representation with customs authorities;
  • Preparing necessary legal documents;
  • Building and commercial contracts & agreements;
  • Financial agreement analysis;
  • Business formation / sales / transfers;
  • Buying / selling / leases / properties and subdivisions;
  • Registration / reorganization / liquidation of companies;
  • Tax / commercial / civil disputes;
  • Legal support on tenders and acquiring licenses;
  • Legal support on tenders and acquiring licenses;
  • Advocacy;
  • Insolvency or bankruptcy;
  • otification about latest legislative changes.

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